New Yorker/Eddie Bauer

For the third year in a row, we've helped publicize the New Yorker Festival. Over 20 pedicabs were involved for 2004 featuring vinyl wrapping in Festival colors such as orange and pink with Festival sponsorship decals such as Altoids, Citibank, Delta Airlines, Grand Marnier and the Intercontinental Hotel. In addition, this year's clothing sponsor of the Festival was Eddie Bauer with its Explore Your Environment campaign. "Eddie Bauer is a brand with strong links to the outdoors and it's our goal to encourage all people to get outside and enjoy nature," said Fabian Mansson, CEO of Eddie Bauer, in a statement. And that commitment was demonstrated in the sponsorship of a fleet of wrapped Eddie Bauer khaki and denim-themed pedicabs providing complementary service to Festival attendees at venues around town. Click here to see photos from the 2006 New Yorker Campaign.

Banana Republic

banana republicClick here to see photos from the 2006 Banana Republic Campaign.







Axe, the men's bodyspray, put together a clever college campus campaign that launched simultaneously nationwide, visiting in total 15 campuses during the famous '04 Axe roadtrip. The East Coast division, coached by Manhattan Rickshaw, included wrapping three pedicabs in shiny black vinyl, overlayed with stylish, sharply contrasting decals, and transporting them to Penn State, Ohio State and the University of Michigan to coincide with important college football games. Each pedicab driver sported an attractive Axe black fleece jacket and carried a sound-equipped backpack playing famous soul hits by Marvin Gaye and Barry White. These Axe cabs circled college campuses giving away rides to Axe-friendly passengers.



Target Corporation, in conjunction with the annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C., hired 6 of our pedicabs to operate during the Cherrry Blossom Festival parade. This was a coordinated effort, involving wrapping the pedicabs in the signature red color of Target, installing printed canopies combining whimsical flower imagery with the well-known Target logo, and transporting the small fleet down to Washington for two days. On the day of the parade, Target, a title sponsor of the event, hired kimono-wearing passengers to hand out Japanese fans decorated with (you guessed it), an ingenious Target design. It was the most popular item to receive during the parade. Even Target the Bulldog was a passenger!


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