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manhattan rickshaw company

Most drivers operate the pedicabs during “shifts” of 5-8 hours.  It’s normal to earn about $20-30 per hour on most nights.  Some nights will be very good and some will be slow. 

This is the nature of being self-employed.  Certain special event days can be amazing.  That’s part of the unpredictability.  But you will find other pedicab drivers will have suggestions for you and help you locate areas where you will find passengers.  Or they will closely guard their hunting spots, so you’ll have to develop a second sense of it.

There is a daily or weekly rental fee for the use of the pedicab, which includes liability insurance (which we had ever since we began in 1995).  Despite the escalating costs of providing pedicabs for renting drivers, we are one of the most affordable renting pedicab companies in New York.  The idea being, if rental rates are kind to the drivers, drivers in turn will be kind to their passengers.  The income from pedicab advertising (sponsorship), which you may see from time to time on the pedicabs, supports the operating expenses so that rental rates can remain affordable.  That’s the plan at least.

Drivers should possess good technical skills or at least not be intimidated by the mechanical aspects of bicycle operation.  Can you change a flat tire?  If not, we’ll teach you.  But having mechanical coordination and people skills will help you tremendously. 

pedicabs rickshaws manhattan rickshaw